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I took this photo (above) of my feet several years ago after stepping away from my PR career.

With a business shoe on one foot (notice… no socks!) and a casual shoe on the other foot.

I thought of this photo.

Did that foreshadow what I would do after working in the world of PR and marketing?

In the public relations and advertising professions, getting people to think about anything you would like them to think about – a company’s stellar reputation, for example, or its unrivaled products and services – takes serious.

You may be kidding, but advertising, created by public relations professionals or advertising by an advertising agency, may well influence your purchasing decisions or feelings about companies and industries, and personalities.

In these strange and unsettling times, with so much prey on our minds, we’re probably taking things more seriously than usual.

I let off steam, I wrote about things… and I wondered, as I was looking at this photo of my feet lately, if this old snapshot might go with some of my written work.

Like with something I wrote, quite recently, about the word “woke”, starting with the question… How can some politicians get so pissed off at “woke”? And continuing with these words about various politicians:

You can almost imagine seeing spit spurting from their lips, as they accuse someone of being “woke”.

But that word is in poems about waking up in a magical, idyllic place.

It’s even in the idiom… ‘I woke up on the right side of the grass.’

It’s when ‘woke’ is uttered in politics that the meaning and tone sounds so dark, mean and agitated. With – what’s the other word for “spit”? ‘Drivel?’ – go in all directions?

Leave it to some politicians to ramble on, with their own version of “woke”.

I posted these words on a business-oriented online site that has a number of PR and marketing professionals among its members. To get them to think about things other than what I’m pretty sure they’re mainly thinking about – unprecedented products and services, reputation issues, etc.

To stir them up, I guess… maybe shake their cages?

And present my feet, in an article?

Harvey Radin

Harvey Radin is the former Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Bank of America Western Region. He makes his home in Redwood City, California.


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